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Welcome to Junior Sail Training


Courses for novices and up, aged 8 plus. Children will be working towards their RYA Stages 1 to 4, sailing in Hartley 10, Laser Pico or Hartley 12.2 dinghies provided by the club.

In addition we run Advanced Sailing in weeks 1, 3, 4 and 5 and a Race Clinic on the Saturday before Junior Sailing Race Week.

Private tuition is also available with our resident Training Manager, Bob Hindmarsh. He is available for coaching in Club boats, or your own, and can teach from beginners to sailing with spinnakers, seamanship skills and day sailing.


2017 JST Bookings: Please go to the bottom of this page and click the link after reading the instructions.


For any enquiries regarding the ONLINE bookings please email and Emma Hack will reply. Do not contact Mike Croft who is no longer involved in bookings. Any other JST enquiries can be directed to Mark Osborn.


2017 dates:


Race Coaching (Laser, Team Feva, and Saturday Squads) 15 April to 8 July


Saturday and Sunday Courses - Spring

6th May to 8th July

Cost £50 to local sailors who are Cadet or Junior members.


Weekly Courses

Morning sessions - Please be on Stoneworks Quay by 9.50 ready for a 10.00 start. Lessons finish at 12.30

Afternoon sessions - Please be on Stoneworks Quay by 13.20 ready for a 13.30 start. Lessons finish at 16.00


Week Course 1 Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June

Cost £130


Private Tuition 1 Monday 3rd to Thursday 6th July

Cost £80 1 child, £95 2 children, £110 3 children per 2 hour session.


Private Tuition 2 Monday 10th to Friday 14th July

Cost £80 1 child, £95 2 children, £110 3 children per 2 hour session.


Week Course 2 Monday 17th to Friday 21st July

Cost £130


Week Course 3 Monday24th to Friday 28th July

Cost £130


Week Course 4 Monday 31st July to Friday 4th August

Cost £130


Week Course 5 Monday 7th to Friday 11th August

Cost £130


Race Clinic Saturday 12th August

Cost £30 for half day


Junior Race Week Monday 14th to Friday 18th August

Cost £30 per sailor.


Private Tuition 3 Monday 21st to Friday 25th August

Cost £80 1 child, £95 2 children, £110 3 children per 2 hour session.


Private Tuition 4 Monday 28th August to Friday 1st September

Cost £80 1 child, £95 2 children, £110 3 children per 2 hour session..


Saturday and Sunday Courses - Autumn

Saturday 9th Sept through to 21st Oct for the Coaching groups (RYA level 4 and above)

14th October for the Training groups


Format for 2017 courses: We will be running the following categories:


Beginners/Improvers will be sailed in Hartley 10s and our RS Tera working on RYA Stages 1 and 2


Intermediates will be sailed in Picos working on stage 2 and 3, plus the start of stage 4


Advanced will be sailed in Hartley 12.2s, RS Fevas and the Wayfarer working on stage 4, RYA Sailing with Spinnakers and RYA Seamanship and Day Sailing.


The Hartley 10s have proved very successful and suitable for progressing to a higher level than we could on the old Oppies. Where possible we would like sailors who are working towards their stage 4 to do it in larger boats such as the Feva or Hartley 12.2.


The on-line booking system will also show any additional Advanced course we are running.


Some general notes:

Please do not try to beat the system by applying for a group higher than your current qualification. If you do, on day two of your course you will be put down a group to avoid holding the others back. This will cause the Training Manager extra work and will cause you unnecessary disappointment and embarrassment.


Find your RYA Logbook to check your current level, i.e 1, 2, 3 or 4 or Start Racing.


Remember, if you don't sail throughout the year the first two days might be just a refresher thus limiting the progress you can make in any one week. Certificates may not necessarily be awarded to everyone.


When you reach Levels 3 and 4 it becomes progressively more difficult to reach the necessary standard to achieve a certificate.


If there is insufficient wind we are prohibited by the RYA from issuing certificates.


Every sailor reaches his confidence level at a different time so do not hesitate to repeat a course as items in the next course can be ticked off anyway. It is easy to lose confidence and much more difficult to get it back. Don't run before you can walk!


Before booking please read through the courses listed above. You will need your Debit Card ready once you enter the booking link.


All Junior Sailing administration is done by volunteers so, in order to reduce work we regret that generally no refunds will be possible. That money will be put into the JST boat replacement fund so make sure you get the booking right first time!


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